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Shad Luggage

Shad Luggage

Welcome to our Shad motorcycle luggage department. Shad is a product line from Europe. Shad products range from top cases (what we would call a trunk), side cases (saddlebags), top master (luggage racks), side master (saddlebag guards) and accessories. Its quality stuff that is meant to compete with Givi motorcycle luggage, but at a lower price.

All the Shad luggage whether it be a top case or side case can be classified as hard luggage. Its made from a hard plastic so its durable and obviously maintains its shape.

More information on the Shad product line is located below.

Keep in mind the following concerning the Shad products.

  • Most top cases come with a universal standard bottom (what we would call a mounting bracket). This universal standard bottom allows you to attach the top case to most luggage racks. So you NEED a luggage rack to mount the top case to.

    Also note that if you have a backrest or sissy bar, there needs to be room enough for the top cases lid to open. It might be possible to mount the top case far enough away from the backrest or sissy bar to avoid having to do this. There is no way to know until you try it.

  • As for side cases, you'll have to use Shads side master to mount them on your bike. If you don't see a side master being offered for your bike. Then you won't be able to use the side cases.
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