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Shad SH-50 Top Case

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Price: $365.00
Product SKU: SH50
  • The Shad SH-50 is a top case (trunk) that can hold 2 large helmets. Its the largest top case they make.
  • Mounts using a universal standard bottom (mounting base) that allows it to attach to most luggage racks securely.
  • Features a press lock system with keyed access. So you can lock it up as needed.
  • Has a hermetic sealing system so it seals up nice and tight
  • Made out of a hard case plastic so its durable, has a long life span and of course maintains its shape.
  • It comes with keys for the lock and the standard bottom (mounting base) as mentioned above. Also comes with backrest.
  • Its dimensions are: 18.1" L x 23.6" W x 12.5" H
  • Has a capacity of 50 liters
  • Its weight is 5 lbs.
  • Also available is an optional brake light, see our part number D0B50KL
  • Backed by Shad Warranty
  • Manufacturers part numbers
    Black D0B5000
    Blue D0B5001
    Silver D0B5005
    Titanium D0B5007
    Garnet D0B5009
    Black Metal D0B5021
View Shad SH-50 Mounting Instructions

The Shad SH-50 can mount to most bikes if you have a flat luggage rack attached to your bike. This top case comes with a mounting plate that allows it to most luggage racks. If you have a backrest mounted, then you'll have to measure from the top of the rack to the top of the backrest. This distance can't be more than 5 inches. Otherwise you will have trouble opening the top case.

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