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Trunk Fitment

When shopping for a motorcycle trunk, one of the most common questions is will it fit your motorcycle. Listed below are general guidelines to determine whether the one you are contemplating purchasing will fit your motorcycle.

1. No matter what type you are shopping for, you will need to consider where you want to mount it to. Most trunks require a sissy bar and luggage rack to mount to. The next question is what you want to rest it on. Your choices are either to rest it on your seat or on your luggage rack. If you rest it on your seat, that eliminates carrying a passenger. If you don't have either one we can sell you either. In these cases visit our sissy bar department and luggage rack department.

2. Most trunks are universal fit, which means they are designed to work on a wide range of motorcycles, but not all motorcycles. It should be noted that they are used mostly on cruiser or touring type motorcycles.

3. Consider how large it is in comparison to how large your bike is. If you have a small bike, lets say under 500cc, then you probably want to stay away from the larger trunks.

4. Installing one is usually very easy to do and often takes less than 30 minutes. In most cases you won't need any tools for installation.

5. Whenever the manufacturer provides installation instructions, we provide a link to it in the description of the item.

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