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Tank Bag Fitment

One of the most common questions we have concerning shopping is, what one will fit my bike. While this is a great question, it should be noted that most tank bags are universal in fit. Meaning they are designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, not a specific motorcycle. Even so, consider the following fitment tips.

1. Tank bags for the most part come in two different types. Magnetic and non-magnetic mounting. This refers to how it mounts (attaches or stays attached ) to your gas tank. As you probably determined, for a magnetic mounting version to attach to your bike you need a gas tank that a magnet can attach to. Strap mounted versions attach to your bike using some sort of strap system. These strap mounted versions can mount to your fuel tank whether its magnetic or not.

2. Next, consider the size of the tank bag. We provide the length, width and height of each bag. Then consider the top area of your gas tank. This is something you'll have to measure yourself. What's its usable length and width. Simply compare the two sizes. The tank bags length and width should not be larger than your gas tanks usable top length and width.

3. How high can the tank bag be? This is a matter of personal choice and design of your bike. A few of the ones we sell are expandable and can be quite high. Consider the type of motorcycle you have. For example, if you have a sport bike (where you are leaned over the tank) you might not want one that is too high.

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