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Tank Bag Buyers Guide

Welcome to our motorcycle tank bag buyers guide. This buyers guide is meant to provide you with information to help you make your choice.

These are many factors to consider when shopping.

Top Factors To Consider When Shopping

Fitment - You'll need to consider whether you have a gas tank that a magnet can attach to or not. If a magnet can attach to your gas tank, then you can either choose a magnetic or strap mounting tank bag. If you have a gas tank that a magnet can't attach to, then you will have to choose a strap (non-magnetic) mounting version. Next, consider the length and width of the tank bag and compare it to the usable length and width of your gas tank. The bags length and width needs to be smaller than the usable length and width of your gas tank. More detailed fitment guidelines can be found by visiting our tank bag fitment guide.

What materials is it made out of- Most tank bags are made out of nylon or a nylon like material. Nylon is easy to care for and very durable.

Quality - All the brands we sell are high quality. The reason for this is that we only sell quality products. Its not worth our time to sell you non-quality items because you'll simply return them. How do we know the products are quality? Because very few are returned for quality reasons. So past customers have verified the quality.

Most popular feature - Some of the top features buyers have stated as desiring are being weather resistant and being designed to not scratch the paint on your gas tank.

What are top selling brands?

The top selling brands (meaning this is what people are buying) are Nelson Rigg, followed next by Tourmaster, and Rapid Transit.

You can see all the top selling brands by visiting our motorcycle tank bag department.

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