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Tail Bag Fitment

When shopping for a tail bag, one of the most common questions is will it fit your motorcycle. Listed below are general guidelines to help you determine whether the one you are considering will fit your motorcycle.

1. All the tail bags we offer are universal fit. Meaning they are designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles. Even so, consider the length and width of the one you are considering and then compare it to the length and width of where you are going to mount it to. Its length and width shouldn't exceed the length and width of where you will be mounting it to by more than a few inches.

2. Tail bags are designed to be mounted over your tail section. You can also mount it to your seat assuming your seat is big enough and that you don't intend on carrying any passengers. In addition you can mount it to your luggage rack as well.

3. How difficult is it to mount one to your motorcycle? They are pretty easy to install. It usually takes less than 30 minutes. Usually you wont need any tools for mounting one.

4. In many cases the manufacturer provides mounting instructions which give you a good idea if the bag will work on your bike. If mounting instruction are available, we provide them in the products listing.

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