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Sissy Bar Bag Fitment

When shopping for a sissy bar bag for your motorcycle, one of the most common questions is will it fit your motorcycle. Listed below are general guidelines to determine whether the one you are contemplating purchasing will fit your motorcycle.

I. No matter what type you are shopping for, you'll need a sissy bar or a backrest to mount the bag to. It may seem obvious, but a few people don't consider this. If you don't have one, we can supply you with one. In this case, visit our sissy bar department.

II. Next, consider what type of sissy bar bag you are going to purchase. There are two types, small (about the size of a shoe box or less) and larger sissy bar bags.

A. Smaller sissy bar bags usually tie onto your sissy bar with some type of cord material that comes with the bag. These smaller bags fit most sissy bars or backrests. Attaching them is easy and usually there isn't any fitment issue.

B. For larger sissy bar bags consider the following factors in regards to fitment.

1. How wide is your sissy bar or back rest? Most of the mounting systems for these larger bags are meant to accommodate sissy bars or back rests that are up to 10 inches wide. If yours measures more than 10 inches wide, then consider the line by either Nelson Rigg or T-Bags. Nelson Riggs makes extension straps for theirs so that they may accommodate the larger sissy bar or back rests. These extension straps cost extra. Many of the T-Bags have a mounting system that can accommodate the larger sissy bars or back rests.

2. How high is your sissy bar or backrest? If you have a short sissy bar or backrest, then you'll have difficulties mounting the larger sissy bar bags to it. What's the minimum height needed? There is no set standard, but consider 8 inches height to be the minimum.

3. What do you plan resting the bottom of the bag on? Some of the manufacturers recommend a luggage rack to rest the bag on. The larger the bag and the heavier the load you plan on carrying means its more likely you will need a luggage rack. Another option is to mount the bag so that it rests on your seat. This of course takes away any room for carrying a passenger. If you don't have a luggage rack, we can supply you with one. In this case visit our luggage rack department to see our selection.

4. How do most of these larger bags mount? The mounting systems vary in design. The two most popular design are either a pocket system or strap system. The pocket systems allow you to slide the pocket over the sissy bar or back rest. This pocket is often built into the sissy bar bag. For the strap system, you slide the sissy bar or back rest under the straps and then tighten the straps.

Visit our motorcycle sissy bar bag department to see our entire offering of bags.

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