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Saddlebag Guard Fitment

All motorcycle saddlebag guards are specific fit. Meaning they are designed to fit a specific make, model and year of motorcycle. When shopping make sure the one selected is specifically indicated as being for your specific motorcycle.

Other factors to consider when shopping are:

1. Usually the manufacturer supplies mounting hardware (such as bolts) if they have determined they are needed.

2. Saddlebag guards are meant to fit stock motorcycles. Meaning motorcycles as they were designed from the factory. If you've customized your bike, they might not fit.

3. If you are mounting multiple accessories such as a sissy bar, then special bolts might be needed. The only way to know for sure is when trying to fit it all together on your motorcycle. Some of the sissy bar manufacturers make special bolts. These are special order items that we sell.

4. Installing a set shouldn't take more than an hour. In most cases it will take about 30 minutes. It all depends on the number of accessories you have mounted on your motorcycle. For tools you'll needs a socket set and maybe a few wrenches in most cases.

5. Often the manufacturers provide mounting instructions. When they do, we provide a link to the instructions in the description.

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