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Saddlebag Fitment Guide

The most common question we receive from customers concerning motorcycle saddlebags is, will these fit my bike? The answer to this question depends upon a number of factors. Listed below is a guideline for determining fitment.

1. You can narrow down the selection of saddlebags by focusing on the type of motorcycle you have.
a. Saddlebags for cruiser type motorcycles
b. Saddlebags for sport or sport touring motorcycles
c. Saddlebags for standard motorcycles
d. Saddlebags for dual purpose motorcycle

2. To further narrow down your selection use the guidelines below.

a. Usually, the larger your bike is, the larger the saddlebag that can be fitted to your bike.

b. Usually, the higher your exhaust rises in the back. the smaller the saddlebags must be for them to fit on your bike.

c. You need to allow at least 1" inch clearance between the bottom of the saddlebag and the top of your exhaust. Take into account the load you'll be carrying as this will effect your measurement. Meaning that most saddlebags will sag somewhat with a load in them.

d. Always think safety in mounting and using them. For example, don't overload your saddlebags.

For added safety, we recommend a set of saddlebag guards (sometimes called brackets). Saddlebag guards are made for a wide variety of cruiser type motorcycles. Saddlebag guards aren't available for sport, touring or dual purpose type motorcycles. Guards are always specific fit, meaning they are designed for a specific model of bike.

If you'd like to see if saddlebag guards are made for your specific cruiser bike, visit our saddlebag guard page.

e. Whenever the information is available, we provide a link to the manufacturers mounting instructions in the description.

3. How difficult is it to mount a set? If you have a few tools such as a socket set and a few wrenches mounting a set shouldn't pose a problem. Depending on the type of bike you have and the number of accessories you have on it you'll spend less than an hour of time installing them. Mounting them can involve the removal of your seat if you want to mount the yoke under the seat. Most saddlebags consist of two bags and a center yoke. The yoke can go under or over your seat. Its a matter of personal preference as to which way you install them.

4. General fitment determination instructions and diagram.

Below is a guideline for determining if a set of saddlebags will fit on your bike. It works in most cases, but not all.

First you'll need a ruler or measuring tape.

Second, print this page out

Third, go out to your bike and take the following measurements

a. Take a side to side measurement: Measure side to side, from the back of the saddle, (riders position) to the arm of the directional signal, you'll need to compare this measurement with our length measurements of the desired saddlebag. This measurement should be greater than the bags length. (See image below for reference)

b. Take a top to bottom measurement. Measure from the bottom of the seat pad to the top of the exhaust pipe as a reference. This measurement must be at least 1" inch greater than the height of the desired saddlebags. (See image below for reference)

c. Use the measurements taken to provide a guideline in determining what saddlebags will fit your motorcycle.

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