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Luggage Rack Fitment

When shopping for a motorcycle luggage rack, you need to consider the following. Most are either designed to fit a specific motorcycle or are designed to attach to a specific sissy bar.

If the luggage rack is meant to attach directly to the motorcycle, then you'll have to make sure the rack is listed as fitting your motorcycle. If it attaches directly to the sissy bar, then you have to see if it is listed as working with that sissy bar.

In many cases the luggage rack is designed to attach to a sissy bar or back rest. This means you have to match it to the sissy bar or back rest. As the luggage rack will bolt directly to it. So if you are looking at a Cobra brand luggage rack, you'll have to mount it on a Cobra brand sissy bar.

Other additional factors to consider when shopping are:

1. Usually the manufacturer supplies mounting hardware if they have determined it is needed.

2. Luggage racks are meant to fit stock motorcycles. Meaning motorcycles as they were designed from the factory. If you've customized your bike, it might not fit.

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